Embroidery NJ


Please review our guidelines below to insure that your order goes as smoothly as possible. The following steps describe the process for a typical custom embroidery order in laymen's terms. Keep these steps in mind when completing an order for embroidery.

Step 1 - Garment Selection

Select your garments from our online Apparel Catalog. Choose from a wide selection of brand name sportswear, styles and accessories. The color and fabric of your garment are an important consideration when making your selection. Fabric textures and weights affect how your design is digitized for our embroidery machines.

Determine the color, size and quantity necessary of each garment. Also note thread colors you would like to use for your design. Designate an area on the garment where your design will be embroidered.

Submit a request through the form on our Contact Us page.

Step 2 - Submit Your Design for Review

Embroidered designs and logos have some limitations and follow certain parameters to reproduce correctly. In order to preserve the integrity of your design, a review by our digitizing department is required. There are several options available for embroidered garments. Choose a type that suits your needs.

  • Personalized garments (name, initials)
  • Tackle Twill Appliqué Lettering
  • 3-D Embroidery

Submit a pdf, jpeg or bit-map of the design you have available for review by our digitizing department. For best results, supply your design at the exact size or larger that it will be when reproduced and with the exact colors your prefer. You can also specify your colors using the Pantone® Matching System. Email your design to our digitizing department. You can also submit an embroidered sample from a previous order if one is available.

Step 3 - Quoting Your Order

Determining the cost of a custom embroidery job will vary with each order because every design or logo is different from the other. There are also many other factors involved to deliver an order according to a client's specifications.


Price will be based on style and quantity ordered. Please call (732) 253-5625 for more information.

Digitizing Fee

All inquiries must be quoted.

Step 4 - Digitize Your Design

In order to embroider a design onto a garment the image must first be digitized. Digitizing a design converts your art into an embroidery-ready file format. Once your design is reviewed and you have accepted our quote, the digitizing process can begin.

Our digitizers use computer software to help them accurately convert your image into a pattern of stitches that our embroidery machines can read. They strive to maintain the integrity of your logo while keeping the stitch count low. Keeping the stitch count low helps to keep the cost of your order down.

After your image has been digitized, a sample stitch out is embroidered. It is then emailed to you in JPEG format for your review and approval. If you prefer, you can visit our office to review your stitch out. A sample stitch out can also be mailed to you for an added charge. Email your approval or edits jfemb20139@gmail.com.

Step 5 - Production

Your order is now ready to enter production. A 50% deposit is required for production to begin.

Depending on customer approval, stitch count and quantity, orders are completed in 7-10 business days if not sooner. Any due dates prior or past standard turn around times will depend on what is approved and agreed upon prior to production

Changes To Your Order

Changes to an order must be submitted by email or in person signed and dated on order form, no verbal request will be accepted.

Changes to an order by a client are subject to additional charges.

Step 6 - Production Complete

Customers will be contacted via email or phone when your order is ready for pick up.

Prior to shipping final payment by customer credit card is applied. Standard UPS ground services fees are applied to approved ship-to address. Upon pick up payment is rendered.

Additional Charges
Orders may be subject to additional charges based upon client requirements:

Shipping and Handling:
Orders may be picked up or shipped. We ship using UPS ground. 3-day, 2-day and next day delivery are also available. Any expedited shipping charges is the responsibility of the customer.

RUSH Charge:
Any RUSH orders, prices will be determined and included in the customer estimate.

Mailing Your Stitch Out:
$10.00 per sample plus postage.